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Giovanna Bruno Pediatrician
San Clemente, CA

Karen De La Cruz Pediatrician
Fontana, California

Calle Gonzales-Bagdon Pediatrician
Kaneohe, Hawaii

Shelley Springer Pediatrician
Casper, Wyoming

Audrey Mars Pediatrician
Flemington, New Jersey


After being in practice for fifteen years, I moved across the country to Arizona to be with my family. I left a booming practice with over 2500 patients, and was highly recognized for my experience in pediatrics. I wondered how I was going to start up again, and how parents would be comfortable choosing me when I had no reputation in their area.

I was already an honorary member of the International Association of Pediatricians, and published in The Leading Physicians of the World. I immediately called them with my change of address. Between their online publicity, and numerous publications, I had people calling my new office within days of being open. It gave me the instant credibility I needed in a community that did not know me.

Linda Gold, MD
Village Pediatrics

With over 20 years of experience under my belt, being inducted into The Leading Physicians of the World was a great honor. Parents are constantly reading the book in the waiting room, and complimenting me on my achievements.

My two granddaughters even have copies in their bedrooms, and point to my picture in the book. Being published is a tribute to my success, and is rewarding for both me and my family who have sacrificed so much for my practice over the years.

John Berstein, MD
Berstein Pediatrics

I have been in this business long enough, to know that credibility is everything. All parents are over protective, and they want to know you’re the best before they entrust their children to you. Being a Leading Physician of the World, gives parents the assurance that they need.

They see my biographical information in the book, and they see the certificates and plaques on my wall, so they know I am going to take good care of their children. Reputation is everything.

Ron McElroy, MD

I am an old school physician, providing great care and getting most of my business from referrals. I have a plethora of experience, but was unable to swiftly adjust to the changing ways of doing business. I had always operated off of relationships, and a simple ad in the phonebook.

When I became a member of the International Association of Pediatricians I began to see the value of online marketing. They generated free publicity for me all over the web, and my web page search for a pediatrician in my area was coming up number one on Google and the other search engines.

The value it has brought to my practice is priceless. Now at the age of retiring, I am leaving a flourishing practice to my oldest son who decided to follow in my footsteps.

John Holdrege, MD
Mount Sinai Pediatric Care

As a new mother I was so neurotic about everything. I bought every parenting book, and made my husband and I take every class known to man. In my second trimester I began to have complications, and needed to change my OB/GYN to someone who specialized in high risk pregnancies. My boss at the time gave me a book called The Leading Physicians of the World. She swore by it, and said she used to find an amazing cardiologist for her father.

When I opened the book, there was a myriad of information on doctors from every specialty across the world. I was able to read every physician’s professional biography, and see who best matched my needs and had experience in dealing with my specific condition. Not only did I use The Leading Physicians of the World to find a great obstetrician in my area, I also used it to find a pediatrician for my new baby!

Karen Waltzk
Indianapolis, Indiana

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